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VALVe 2013!

Calling all TF2, L4D, Half-Life, Portal and any other VALVe Cosplayers!

I'll be hosting the VALVe shoots as 'Medic's Wife' again this year (co-hosting with Lithe-Fider as 'BLU Tentaspy' on Friday!) and the private photographer might also be returning (but no promises on that just yet )

Last year we had a lot of confusion about the shoot on Friday and more than a few people didn't know about it and I'd like to avoid that this year. Suggestions to change Fridays scheduling are more than welcome but need to be submitted before July 6th so everyone has plenty of time to make plans.

Saturdays shoot will be kept the same since it worked so well and gave us plenty of space and lot's of time to work with to make sure every fandom will get equal amounts of attention.

Time: 6:30 to 8 (previously 5-6 but the space will be full at that time)
Location: 4th floor back hallway

Time: 8pm to 9:30pm
Location: Indoor fountains

These shoots are long and cover at least four different fandoms so be prepared to spend at least a full hour with us, though the time does go by very quickly. The order of fandom will be determined by volume and special needs consideration, so please come prepared with plenty of water and let me know ahead of time if you need assistance with cumbersome props or costuming!
~Danke schön!

EDIT: Tumblr Link for the event is HERE! Reblog and let everyone know where we're gonna be!

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