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Ohh in Surrey? That's where my cosplay partner actually lives. She's my female Canada and I'm the male Canada.

You are welcome. I'm very shy but once I get comfortable talking to someone I'm usually pretty confident when in my cosplay. Yep! I cosplay as Police and Military England and the winter coat (Not sure the name?) Canada. I'm also working on KugelMugel at the moment so I may be wearing that to MCM.

I'm a huge mapletea fan, the two are adorable. <3 I'm envious of your skills in drawing them. XD One day I'll submit some eventually. Just trying to learn anatomy better first.

Yep end of May! Quite close the cons are really haha. I've never been to LFCC so it will be my first time. We can be newbies together to it. I'm sure people will love your Canada being a real Canadian.
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