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Oh really?! That's pretty awesome! ^__^ And kind of makes me think that it really is a small world sometimes!

On a random note, part of the reason I'm travelling to the UK in the first place is because I'm looking into going to school there.doing Archaeology there ... It's my dream to do Archaeology in the UK and Northern Europe. I want to see about doing my Master degree over there!

Oh, don;t worry! I'm actually really shy at first too ... but once you get me talking ... XD;;; ... well, I'm not that bad, but I come out of my shell quite a bit once I'm comfortable, but even so, I completely understand! And that is awesome! I've done Pirate!England myself, and of course the default military outfit, and casual (sweater vest included) ... I will be doing his American Revolution outfit for a Convention that is here in BC in the Summer. I'm also working on the Parka for Canada as well (Your Canada is super cute from what I saw on dA!) ... When I come to the UK, I'll just be bringing my Casual Canada since it's easy to pack (and I have to pack a months worth of clothing so I don't want to bring anything too fancy) although I may bring Casual England as well ... although can I say that I would feel extremely awkward cosplaying England ... in England? XD... especially since I have a Canadian accent (although I do say Bloody a lot ... XD ... but that doesn't count)

MapleTea is my OTP! I love that pairing so, so much! It's so cute and wonderful! LOL ... and thank you for the compliment about my art ... I'd love to see some of your drawings though!

Sounds like fun! Either way, I'll be there for MCM or LFCC .... My goal is to add an overseas convention to my list of conventions attended!! And yay! We can be newbies together! LOL
It's funny actually, I was at Anime Expo in Los Angeles, and I cosplayed Canada on Canada Day since the con fell during that time ... and so many people were so excited about the fact that I was an actual Canadian cosplaying Canada. It was kind of awesome! LOL
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