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Originally Posted by Access View Post
Also if you are in California the train or bus might be an option, I know there's a route that goes from Union Station to San Jose but I've never taken that one... don't know how efficient or reliable it is.
Originally Posted by Hakaider View Post
True. There's the Amtrak option for the train as well.

But I wouldn't travel out of state by train because it becomes very expensive. (I try to travel by train within short distances only, and LA to San Francisco can be considered short distance by Amtrak.)

Here's the link to the Amtrak train website:

Their baggage policy:
I second that traveling by train within California is also a good option. As of right now the Coast Starlight route that runs from LA all the way up to Seattle would be $108 round trip if you were to take it up to San Jose. Haven't checked airfare lately, but I'm pretty sure that the train would be cheaper. There's also a 10% discount if you are a AAA member as well.

Personally, I would recommend the train for an experience and a very scenic ride. I took the train up to San Jose for Fanime last year and really enjoyed the journey and even though I'm a bigger guy, there was more than enough room in the coach seats. Word of advice though, it takes a little over 11 hours from So Cal to Nor Cal so you might want to add an extra day on each end so that you don't miss any of the convention should you use the train
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