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Cool! My friend also did Bofur last December for the movie release tho' it's still WIP. Hope I can help to increase the "population" of Movie Dwarves from the Company this December with my Kili (Ya, I can't really imagine myself with too much beard so going for the "easy" one. I prefer his Outfit better anyhow :P)

Anyhow, is Spirit Gum stronger than Eyelash Glue?
Maybe can try getting a small bottle and try it out. There are stronger ones out there for Professional Theatre or Movie-Filming uses but I can't remember its link as I got the infos back in 2003 when I asked at the LOTR_Costume Mailing List (I was afraid Spirit Gum is not strong enough to stick my Elven Ears down to my Ears back then as I can get pretty sweaty but Thank God it works tho' in 2004, I developed an Temporary Allergy to Spirit Gum! >_< )

50 Attack on Titan Cosplans,
a few (Saint Seiya) Episode G: Assassin Casual Outfits,
and a Brand New Star Wars Biker Scout Armor!
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