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Haha yeah it is. I'm not from there though. I'm fifty minutes North of London but its about 20minutes or so by train.

Oh wow really? That's a pretty damn cool job to work for. Good luck with that.

Yeah I can talk for England once I feel confident around someone but otherwise I'm extremely shy and quiet. xD; My therapist was shocked at just how much I can talk considering I have social anxiety. ^^; Thats why I like doing Canada though. I am often quiet at cons and I just look like I'm IC.
I know how you feel about cosplaying the character when in that country haha. I don't think I could do Canada in Canada. I'd feel odd xD;

My OTP is actually Germany/Prussia but I love England and Canada. Canada and Germany being my favourite characters and England thirdly.

Haha! When I was in America I was cosplaying Canada in Phoenix ComicCon. It was funny as some American's called me over excited over my outfit then they heard me speak and suddenly I was swarmed because I was English. They asked me to say many words, I got extremely shy and hid my face in my bear which they all thought was adorable. xD;;
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