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Ah ... the trains over there must be quite fast. I live on an island (Vancouver Island) and the only train we have here is a really slow day liner ...

Thank you. I hope I can find some success in doing it! I'm especially interested in Scotland because a good portion of my family is there, and I'd love to learn more about the way my ancestors might have lived (My last name is Dunbar, is that says anything of my ancestry LOL )

I completely understand what you mean! (I suffer from depression myself, which is part of the reason I keep to myself a lot. Scared of being judged by people!)
Yeah, although, that really shouldn't stop either of us if we're in another country ... if people laugh at me, I'll just laugh with them! XD

Ah, well that is cool! After MapleTea, I like USCan, and FrUK (I'm afraid to say that I despise USUK though... I like them better as just Brothers/Frenemies... they are more amusing that way... but yes) ... England and Canada are tied for my favourites, and then my second Favourite is actually Romano. He just amuses the hell out of me! Such an angry little man!
Germany/Prussia is cool though ^__^

Oh dear! You poor soul, getting swarmed like that! Americans can be ... overzealous at times. I've had a few of them make comments about my "Canadian accent" ... I'm like "Dude, I sound pretty much the same as you." ... Well, I do notice some differences but yes... I imagine with your accent though, people really were all over you (I hope this won't seem offensive at all, but I'm a sucker for British Accents myself ... You guys just have such damn sexy accents lol ... where I live we have a lot of retired folks who moved here from various parts of the UK and I just love hearing them talk ... but don;t worry. If we meet I won't force you to say stuff, although I may ask a couple questions as to what certain things mean since some of the slang is different, obviously. That being said, you're welcome to ask me about Canadian slang if I say anything you've never heard before!)
I can see why they would think that was adorable though! It's rather in character after all!
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