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Yeah they are quite fast as people have to get in and out of London for work a lot.

Ohh you have Scottish ancestry too? My last name is Gibson which is also Scottish though my grandad's father was Irish so I'm just missing Welsh from being all pure British. XD

Scared of being judged is my biggest fear too. That's one reason I'm so OCD when it comes to cosplaying. I don't want to get it wrong and then be on one of those cosplay sites that take the mick out of you for looking bad.

I like all those three as well. I like adult USUK though I am not a huge fan of it. I prefer America with Lithuania or Canada.

Ohh I love Romano too! He's probably my forth favourite! I'm a huge fan of him with Germany <3 (Don't like Gerita)

Yeah I was swarmed, my poor best friend who is American, from AZ and the reason I was visiting, was shoved aside so she stood by the wall and pretended to talk on the phone. I thought she really WAS on the phone so I was waiting for her to end the call and then I felt so guilty after ;.; But yeah I didn't mind they were happy to meet me and hear my accent, I'm just naturally shy so I started to get shy in front of them. xD;;

Ohh I'll definitely help you with slang and I'd love to hear some of yours when we meet too. I love Canada! I was looking at houses in Canada the other day wishing I could live there or America (but I don't like America's healthcare which is the reason I wouldn't move there).
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