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That makes sense then I suppose!

Haha, yep! On my dad's side. My grandpa was born in Aberdeenshire (I think that's what it was called) and then his family came to Canada when he was three. My great Aunt Jessie stayed in Scotland so I know I have some distant relative there somewhere, although I have no idea who they are. The other parts of my Ancestry are Manx, Swedish, English, and Kwakiutl (a Local First Nations Group... I'm only about 1/16th though )

I know how you feel. I worry about that sometimes too... especially since I'm also not the skinniest person in the world either ... but I tend to avoid those kinds of sites for that very reason. I am a very strong advocate against Body Shaming and Cosplay Elitism, because in the end it should be about having fun, regardless of your size, shape, abilities, or skin tone!

USUK just ... bothers me because it's so bloody popular ... I think it's way overhyped and doesn't quite deserve the popularity it receives ... but that's just personal opinion. I'm not one to force my opinions on others!

Oh, that's cool! Romano really is amusing! He's great! Him with Germany, hey? That's cool! I like to pair him with Canada sometimes because it's just amusing.

Aw, well, I hope your best friend was okay though. But it's not like you could help what happened to you! My best friend lives in the US as well, but she lived here in Canada first. Her husband is American so she moved down there to be with him. I miss her so much sometimes though! But I go visit her when I can... although, it can be pricey flying to LA sometimes, and I'm a poor University student! XD;;

Oh, that would be awesome! And I would love to share some of mine as well! LOL ... for example, Salt Chuck ... is a word for the the ocean ... and we sometimes call Seagulls "shit hawks" ... XD;;
Aw, well maybe one day you'll be able to come to Canada and visit or live here! It's really an awesome place to live. I love it here ... but I really want to go out and see the world, and the UK has been my number one destination for ages, so I'm super excited that I will have the opportunity to visit there this year!

LOL We're chatting so much! You wouldn't happen to have Skype, AIM, MSN, or Facebook! You're welcome to add me on any of those if you'd like to keep in touch!
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