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Oh thats awesome. No idea about myself, my nan refuses to talk about her roots for some reason so I'm clueless. Kwakiutl that sounds interesting. How cool. xD

I'm pretty skinny, I never realised until I saw myself as Police England in a video this past year and was shocked just how tiny I was. I'm size 6 or 4 I think in American sizes. I need to put on weight but I don't want to because my cosplays won't fit! XD; I agree about the elitism though, my first time cosplaying Canada I felt so alone as no one would talk to me. Later found out some people thought I was so good and I think they must have been intimidated to talk to me in case I was an elitist? But it was my first convention.... I thought I must have been crap at cosplaying as no one liked me.

Eh I feel the way you feel about USUK with two other pairings, GERITA being one. I just do not get the pairing at all. It doesn't work imo. Only friendship.

Aww Romano and Canada is my fem Canada's favourite pairing! She loves the two together! You'd get on well with her then.

She's okay, she just felt like her costume was so bad and mine was so popular that she didn't want to cosplay after and I felt so guilty. x.x She was cosplaying Sweden that we made a few days before the con.

LOL shithawks. I hate seagulls. :K Evil things! When my friend visited, the one from AZ, I took her to get ice cream as I really wanted her to try cornish ice cream. She bought it and just as she was raising it to her mouth, a gull swooped down, shoved it out of her hands and ate it. She never got to try it.

I have skype and MSN and facebook. Julesie no on facebook and I'll give you my msn and skype on there instead of a public forum. xD
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