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I kind of forced it out of my family in some case because I find it interesting to know who my ancestors were ... but we've also been pretty open about it anyway. Maybe your Nan just has some things about it she'd rather not discuss. I know my one Nana never really talked much about our Native ancestry ... but then again, she was around during the time when the Residential schools were going really strong and the First Nations people were forced to assimilate into European Canadian Culture... so she probably doesn't have fond memories of growing up in such a time.

There's nothing wrong with being skinny though. You're lucky in a lot of ways because it's probably easy for you to find cosplays that fit well! ... I'm not really fat or anything myself, but I am chubby... or skookum (a word we use for sturdy here) so it can still be a bit frustrating at times ... and I've had a few people say some rude things to me about my cosplays but whatever, they're just assholes in my books anyway! And as for elitists... they make it difficult sometimes too ... and I think that some people might have thought I was one when I did my pirate!England cosplay because my Best Friend made my Costumes, and it looks very fancy and professional but then again, she is a costume designer ... so maybe people thought I was an elitist because of that ... because they weren't talking to me much when I wore that costume, and my sister overheard some cosplayers even complaining that "some pirates were stealing all the attention" when photos were being taken ... because aside from myself, a friend, and my ex-girlfriend were also doing fancy costumes. My ex was Pirate!Spain and my friend was War of Austrian Succession Prussia. We were trying to hog the spot light at all though.

GerIta doesn't bother me, but I don't really pay attention to it in general ... XD... I try to ignore the pairings I don't care about! XD;;

Haha, sounds like your friend and I would get along well then LOL

Aw, well I'm glad she was okay! And you know, from the picture I saw of you guys, I thought her costume looked really good. People can just be jerks sometimes... but you shouldn't have felt guilty. The other people should have felt guilty for ignoring her! Some people's children!

LOL I caught a Seagull once ... it tried to peck me but grabbed my watch instead... didn't hurt the watch though. It was stuck and I was trying to rescue it... silly bastard! XD ... But I am so sorry your friend didn't get to enjoy her ice cream! That sucks! Seagulls really can be evil!

Ah! Okay! Cool! I will add you on Facebook then, and we can exchange further information there! ... I'm Raven Michelle Dunbar on Facebook! Just so you know who is adding you!
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