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Originally Posted by nevershutsupkat View Post
=D That would be great if you are able to join us, Kuroki-neko!! The last time I did a GW cospaly, it was 2001 and there were TONS of GW cosplayers.

I just recently rewatched the whole series online at:

Luckily, the 5 Gundam pilots are fairly easy to make (I think Duo would be the one with the most work because of his collar). The other characters are a bit more complicated because of their military uniforms.

It would be great to have you join us if you can find the time!! =D
looking back at the characters, there are a few i could do its just finding the right parts to do it and getting the hair right. but there is one i could do with the hair ill have for the cosplay i plan to do but i think its doable.
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