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Age: 14 (15 in March) << I dont care about age too much though
Name: Call me Kawaii. If I get to know ya I'll tell you my real name
Skin Colour: Asian tan. Not too tan though
I Cosplay: Im a newbie, all Ive done is Rin Kagamine (Synchronicity), Togepi and random school girl
Any Cosplays I plan in doing? Hetalia (Prussia/Italy), Pokèmon, Miku Hatsune, Luka Megurine, Len Kagamine
My Next Cosplay I Will Be Working On: Rin Kagamine (default)
Do I Crossplay: Sure!
State: Texas
City: Denton (close to Dallas)
Accounts on other cosplay sites: um not really
Any Comments On These Sights: I'll update you when I get one
Upcomimg Cons: Mini A-Kon and A-Kon (maybe)

I'm not really interested in joining a group, I'd rather form one with people I really get along with.
If you're interested PM me! Or if you're going to Mini A-Kon let me know so I can meet you!
If you wanna JOIN my group and you're in the area let me know!! Pleeeaaaassseeee? Im so lonely XD
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