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Sora Kitsune Cosplay
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Name: Sora Kitsune Cosplay
Skin Color(It doesnt matter, you dont have to answer this but it helps if somebody wants you to be color specific): Brown ( just look at my pics to give you an idea)
I Cosplay: Sora from kingdom hearts 2, otoya ittoki from utapri, yoruichi from bleach, celty, from durarara and many more
Any Cosplays i plan on doing?: i plan on getting some yugioh cosplays and others done this year
My Next Cosplay i will be working on: havent decided
Do I Crossplay?: yes i do~
State: Oklahoma ( do go to tx cons and california a few times a year)
City: oklahoma city
If you have an account on any other cosplay/ Sites, put the links here:
i use this page for most of my cosplay stuff

Any Comments On the sites?:
working on getting professional pics of my cosplays done
i do have pics of some cosplays id love to get groups of XD
Upcoming cons ?: any con in oklahoma, a-kon naka-kon, Anime Expo
Cosplay Name : Sora Kitsune Cosplay

Current Cosplay:
Sora from kingdom hearts 2/ Rin M. from Free!! / Otoya ittokiFrom Utapri / Aoba From DMMD Hinata from Haikyuu then i got some in the works

past cosplay:
kyuubi from naruto and many others
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