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Well I know my nan was adopted so I'm sure she doesn't want to talk about her real ancestry but I'm still so curious as to what it was. I could be anything! I'd love to know! We've tried to do the family tree many times but she refuses to tell us so we give up.

Ehh its not as easy as you think, in England the average size of people is 12-14. I can't buy any clothes that are size 6 and 8 I am lucky to find. Most of the clothes I wear is size 10 just because its all I can buy unless I'm willing to buy from the super expensive shops that have tiny sizes but theres no way I'm paying like 60 for a pair of trousers when I can get basically identical for 10 just in size 10. xD;
You don't look chubby to me. All the pictures I've seen you in you look average size. Maybe its just America/Canada compared to England as we aren't really into the whole size zero here but rather be healthy and wear proper clothing to fit your size.
Ahh yes Pirate England. It's an awesome costume. My friend forced me to wear hers at my first con, I never stepped out of our hallway with our hotel though as I was too shy to step out in it. I didn't want attention back then with cosplay as it was my first time and I was just so nervous. I wished I could try the outfit on again now though but me and her no longer speak. No idea why.

Gerita doesn't bother me per sei, I just don't get it. XD The only pairing that bothers me is Russia and America. I cannot abide that pairing. ^^;

Yeah you totally would! Good thing is, me and her are 23 and 24 so all three of us are close age, you also being in your twenties.

Yeah she was so self conscious wearing the costume in the first place and cosplaying in general, but I thought she looked awesome so I just felt so bad over that happening. I didn't want it to put her of cosplaying.

Oh wow! Silly gull! XD I'd have been scared to catch the thing but what can you do if its stuck.

Accepted you! ^_^
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