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Ah, I see ... well, who knows. She may come around someday ... or maybe she just doesn't really know much about it herself since she was adopted.

In American sizes I'm a 10-12 (But I'm also only 5'2" X__X;; ) . I never realized it was like that over there though. That must be a bit frustrating though, but I do understand the feeling. Over here it's opposite... all the sizes seem really small. I was out shopping with friends the other day and I saw a couple pairs of Jeans that were size 00 ... They were very small in the waist. People over here seem to be obsessed with being really thin. It's kind of annoying.
Ah, I saw the pictures on your dA of you in the Pirate England cosplay! It did look awesome though! It's too bad you were too shy to wear it out! But maybe you can do it again sometime! Although from the sounds of it, you may have to look into getting your own. I'm sorry to hear that you and that friend don't speak any more though! I know how that is. The same thing has happened with myself and a couple of my friends as well.

Ah, I understand! And yeah, America/Russia doesn't make too much sense. They have had some really bad history with each other. There is certainly no love lost between them.

That's cool! My sister is 24 actually, so it's all good! My ex-girlfriend is 20, so I mean, age isn't a big deal to me when it comes to hanging out with people! (I do tend to avoid teenagers though... I just don't have the patience to deal with them sometimes) but I must say, it is nice to hang out with people closer to my age!

Aw, that kind of sucks. But I hope she didn't let that experience stop her!

They are quite silly. I wasn't scared of it at all though. When it comes to animals, I tend to have little fear. Heck, there was a Black Bear just outside my bedroom window a few winters back and I just opened the window and basically told it to scram and it ran away, because I think I scared/surprised it LOL

Yay! Awesome!
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