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Originally Posted by JasonTerror View Post
Wait..You're not big on the idea of PAYING FOR A COMMISSION!! What is wrong with you? You don't have anyone use their time and skill on ANYTHING and expect it to be free. If a commissioner saw this and you had a price then said "naw I'll be nice it's free" that's one thing, but NEVER expect someone to do any type of commission for you for nothing whatsoever. That is very rude and actually a complete INSULT to all commissioners. I would say good luck, but I don't feel you deserve it with that kind of mindset.
Bit much don't you think? An insult to all commissioners because i'd rather not pay for a simple pencil drawing? You are just a troll. I don't believe it would take someones entire day. Again, i'm not asking for an entire masterpiece. Not even a complete drawing, like i said, "a sketch". So no, i don't believe in paying someone for a simple pencil/pen sketch. That's a bit much. If i were to pay i'd expect more from THEM. So leave your unwanted hatred to someone else, thank you.
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