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Originally Posted by Touva View Post
Thanks for all the advice, guys! :3
And yeah, he doesn't have bad intentions. That's why I would feel bad for reporting him...he's not doing anything wrong, because my friend hasn't told him that she already has a boyfriend (but we're not sure if he would care) or to stop.
Well you won't know until you find out eh?

If your friend feels this comfortable she has a right to make this known, for example:

"So and so I understand you like me but I am with someone and it makes me uncomfortable when; you speak to me that way/act that way/do X/etc so please stop."

Your buddy has a right to be comfortable and feel safe at the convention but she has to understand that being honest and telling this guy she isn't interested does not make her a bad person. It might hurt his feelings but he isn't going to know that she thinks he's a creep or weird when she isn't telling him his advances are bothering her.

Being honest isn't bad, it doesn't make someone a 'bitch' and it might hurt someones feelings a little but someone cannot know that what they said or did isn't appropriate if one person lets them believe it's okay.
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