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I don't care to respond to each indevidually, on monile, responding is slow.
Anyway, again, to make myself redundant, i'm not asking for a masterpiece. Just a simple sketch.
Here's an example of one someone else made me:

So as you see, in picture form so no one is confused, this is what i expect made. Not a 3D drawing with blueprints.
I do GFX and i still don't charge people. If i drew, i wouldn't even expect someone to pay for for such simplistic ideas.

I've even given a picture so you could easily understand. So i don't know how to make it any easier to understand.. So i'm done explaining. I've made my point. I'm doing nothing wrong nor insulting. So you may take whatever part of this out of proportion as you wish, i care not for such exageration.
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