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Here is what I personally think will help:
-The eyebrows just don't look very natural. I think the biggest problem is that that are VERY rounded out, in which, I have found that eyebrows are sharper than you may think.
-I would invest in some circle lenses.
-To help with the illusion of bigger eyes, try wearing white eyeliner on your waterline and in the inner corner of your eye.
-Try adding some subtle falsies. Women who wear makeup will most of the time try to exaggerate the eyelashes. If not falsies, try a volumizing or lengthening mascara.
-Try teasing your hair! It looks very flat pressed against your head. With a little gel, your hair can work wonders! I would also suggest curling it.

For girly girl, huge eyes, ulzzang, kawaii, kind of look, watch VenusAngelic's youtube channel. She has a lot of makeup tutorials, and she is really good at eye enlargement.
Also google Anastasiya Shpagina to see how to use false lashes to create an illusion of bigger eyes.

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