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Large Wings-- Materials and Harnessing? (Sword Art Online)

Hello all,

A friend and I have planned to cosplay the Alfheim Online versions of Asuna and Kirito (pictured below). We have a couple of ideas about how to approach the wings, but we'd love some feedback!

(Another reference for approximate wingspan)

Here are the ideas we've come up with:

A-- Wire and organza.
Cheap and light, but prone to bending. We're not sure how well these will hold up to a whole lot of wear and tear, especially since we'll probably be running about/ faking some sword fights for photoshoot purposes. The wings also appear to be more glassy, and the material just doesn't seem to have quite the right feel for that.

B-- Plexiglass

While it achieves the look we want, plexiglass is a lot heavier, and thus I'm worried about how to rig it under Asuna's shirt (since there's not much we can do to hide any large supports). I have plexiglass on hand already, so that lowers the cost factor, but neither of us (despite lots of prop experience) have actually used plexiglass before.

C-- Vinyl laminate?

This artist used vinyl laminate and cellophane to make her wings, which strengthened them a lot and gave them that shiny effect. The things I'm worried about with that are finding enough cellophane in black for Kirito and figuring out where to get enough vinyl laminate (does it even come in giant sheets? The veins on the Tink wings might also be used to hide edges of small pieces), as well as the wrinkling on the wings pictured. It's not perfectly smooth, and I'm not sure whether the materials would hold up to having the wrinkles combed out.

In summary, the major problems are these:
1. How can we get that hard, glassy look/feel to the wings?
2. How light can we possibly get the wings, for comfort/mobility reasons?
3. How do we hide the rig for Asuna's wings, given the cropped shirt?
4. The added bonus-- could we possibly rig the wings to raise/lower into an up and down position to help mobility in more crowded areas?

Thank you very much!
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