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Love some L4D! I might go to otakon since it's thier 20th yr! Was going to cosplay a Female verison of Louis! Cosplayed Rochelle from L4D2 back in 2010.( was the only one!)
Animazement of 2015:
Cos1: Mushu/Mulan
Cos2: Melpohmene (Muse)/ Disney Hercules
Cos3 :Female ver. Nico/Rio 1 & 2

Traid Anime Con 2015
Cos1: ??????????
Cos2: Female Pepe La Pew/Looney Tunes

Anime Exp 2015:
Cos2: Mushu/Mulan
Cos3: Female ver. Nico/Rio 1 & 2
Cos4: ????

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