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Originally Posted by KawaiiCouture View Post
Talk about trouble my friends!
I have owned a cheap singer for years and never had a problem. My father decided to buy me a 5,000$ Phaff on sale for 1200 for my birthday a couple of years ago and he finally paid it off last year. It's horrible. I've had it serviced twice and it's finicky as hell! So I have recently purchased a Brother XL for next to nothing. It is a DREAM! Please someone explain to me why in the bloody hell the cheapo machines that are supposed to be crap work a million times better than my goody goody 5000$ Phaff embriodery machine? Anyone else have phaff issues or own one and can give me some advice?
I've sewn a lot on basic Pfaff and loved them, but it is entirely possible that your issues stem from it being a computerized model for embroidery. When a machine is designed for embroidery it HAS to be finicky to a certain extent, otherwise the embroidery will suck. I've worked with a number of embroidery-only machines and yes, they can be tear-your-hair finicky. Sorta like buying a BMW Z3 and then realizing what you needed was a Ford F150, they are both great for what they were designed for but can really suck when used outside their design.
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