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Cosplay Parner/Group

I'm looking to create a cosplay group or to join with a partner.
I am in the Dallas Texas area, and I am currently in a group which performs various panels for conventions in Texas, however I'm not looking to create a panel group. Cosplay videos are what I'm looking into, acting, filming.
I don't care if we have character duplicates but I'm not expecting people to exactly rush to the offer. Any person willing to cosplay for it is appreciated.
These are the cosplays that I have under my belt and would most likely be writing the scripts for: Black Jack, BBC Sherlock, Ciel Phantomhive, Bruce Banner, Alphonse Elric (Human), and currently working on a Panty (Wig and underwear is all I have, construction on back lace has one to a hault).
Again, I can use anyone even if you have one of the cosplays listed.
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