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Originally Posted by Larcenciel View Post
-Yeah, good point on the brows, thanks.
-The circle lenses, I HAVE been thinking about, howeeeeeeeever I think I need to see an eye doctor before I can even use those, correct?...
-Okay, I will look into that. I don't have any white eyeliner.
-Yeah, actually, I was recently practicing with false eyelashes lately, and this was my result: .... not perfect, but my first real time really with them. *Yes, I know, bad eyebrows. s:*
-Yeah, I learned how to braid it, but cannot just get it tight. >.o... I also tried chopsticks before, pretty tough. Curling might be a bit out of my area, but if I get a straightener AND a curler, maybe I will give it a shot. s:

Will do! Appreciate your kind words of wisdom.
Do see an eye doctor! Being pretty doesn't mean sacrifice your eyes!
Please continue posting progress pictures! Best of luck!
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