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Originally Posted by Quinn The Spazz View Post
Brain, No. Stop that. You're not planning ANOTHER Sailor Moon cosplay. You're not making another one of those jackets. Yes I know I already have a wig and earrings but no. No no no no no! I'm putting my foot down on this one. I'm not giving in to you on this! Bad brain, bad! Stop it! I will poke you with a Q-tip if you try to get me to make another one of those jackets when I still have no idea how to make the first. Stop!

I hate my mind -_-
ROFL Finally! I'm not the only one who has entire arguments with her head over cosplay ideas!

Going to -hopefully- finish Zelda's gloves tonight. Last night's attempt ended badly so I'm having to redo them. But at least they nearly fit the first time; which is a lot better than I was expecting considering I've never made gloves before. Once I do Spirit!Zelda is officially half-way finished! Aside from her belt I have everything else from the waist down finished as well as her armor piece. I might actually be able to have all of my AZ cosplays done months in advance. O_o
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Katara - Painted Lady (A:TLAB) - 10%
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Leena Toros - Pilot outfit (Zoids: New Century) - 15%
GMG!Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail - Anime) - 10%

Upcoming Cosplay Ideas ~
Too many to even list. xD

Animazement 2013~
Fan-Dancer Suicune Gijinka (Pokemon), Sakura 2nd Movie Opening(CCS)
Formal Human Luna (Sailor Moon), Hatter!Rin (Vocaloid), Spirit!Zelda (LoZ:ST)

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