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Stars, damn, I think I have to do this again....>.> you will be member number 3 that I will have helped with this haha
Unfortunatly..I don't have the messages I sent to copy/paste....So here goes..

You can use acrylic sheets for the entire wing design..
for Asuna, use one or 2 layers of the same (but transparent) color as her wings..for Kirito, use 1 layer black transparent sandwiched between 2 normal transparent sheets. This will be for each wing section. Then make the harness, then just use clear bra straps to hold the harness on..

You can also make the harness out of the clear sheets and bolt the wings on..It's a prety lengthy tutorial..If you want it, feel free to PM me, but it takes me about 10-20 min to type out..

Oh, and, what happened to the anime? Anyone know anything about when ep. 26 is coming out?
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