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Sounds like a good plan to my mind. Sometimes I can’t decide either. I was away at silvester, staying with friends for some days and took both Gokudera and Dino with me, cause I couldn’t decide which to wear if we’d go shooting. But in the end we didn’t cosplay at all due to the weather XD.
Guess you’ll not regret whichever decision you make and group reasons can be something to be considered as well.

I have to agree with Mehdia. It just works very well except for the scowling. Squalo isn’t the most masculine character ever anyway. xD

Hm and now you two got me thinking … I don’t use much makeup when I crossplay, but on the other hand… I feel unsure at times if I look feminine enough when I don’t crossplay… *sigh* Well, the most girlish sweet women aren’t my characters anyway… In other words: Everything’s got pros and cons.
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