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Mesh contacts - can you really see through them?

I cosplay Neji, but up until now, I've just worn the costume/wig and left my eyes normal. I want to upgrade my costume by getting byakugan-looking contacts, though, and I can't decide what the best option would be. I don't really like the look of normal 'white out' lenses that just cover the iris, but for a while the only solution I knew of were those cataract lenses you can't see out of. Recently, though, I discovered 'mesh' contacts that supposedly make your pupil look covered, but allow vision thanks to little tiny holes in them (example: )

Before I buy them, I REALLY want to know if it's true that you can see out of them, and if so, how well? I'd be wearing them to a con with lots of crowds and walking and stuff, so a little vision impairment would be okay, but if they'd hinder me too much or make it dangerous to walk around, I'd rather just go without or go with the sorta ugly, white-out ones. Does anybody have input or advice?
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