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Originally Posted by Umbra.Exe View Post
Actually I've been checking it pretty frequently... It's just that no one's been posting! D:

I forgot to tell you all how Halloween went (If you even want to know, haha).

Despite my lack of certain things (makeup, ammo packs, proper wig, contacts), people still recognized me for the most part. A couple of guys even asked for pictures! And a random Deadpool asked to fight me... XD

A couple of downsides were that my boots were a size too big (I sent a friend to get them and he got me the wrong size on accident), and for some reason my harness kept slipping down from the weight of the metal hardware. I'm not sure why it didn't do that earlier at home. Maybe when the packs are on the belt it'll stop.

Unfortunately, I did bring a camera, but forgot to take pictures... ^^; One of these days I'll put it back on and take some. Maybe after I've fixed up the packs and stuff.

I also realize I really should get contacts... Glasses over an eyepatch look absolutely ridiculous. Or maybe I should roll with it and buy a lab coat for a Scientist disguise.
i did big boss for halloween also but nobody knew who i was. everyone kept asking me if i was trying to dress up as a SEAL.
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