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Originally Posted by pbg146 View Post
I wanted to dye the bangs I cut green. I found a way to dye it,but it's not as light of a green as I want,but the other issue is the blue is the perfect shade for my cosplay so getting a lighter wig would cause me other issues.

Main big issue is the matting by the cap. It grosses me out when I'm brushing it and there's no way to get it out. It's like some one teased the entire wig by the cap and I can't get it out. Should I still send it back and get a new one and hope that the next one isn't matted or should I simply ask for my money back?
if you've cut and dyed it they will not take it back... you could ask for your money back, but really you should have done your research before you bought it... you can't make wigs lighter... if you wanted to dye your wigs bangs a different color, you should have bought a lighter wig, dyed the parts you wanted this colour to be this color, and dyed the bangs to green... the matting is in every wig you will see... its never going to be all straight and happy, those 'tangles' are what create volume in a wig, they are put there for a reason, if they gross you out, then don't buy wigs because they almost all have them unless they are COMPLETELY flat...
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