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Originally Posted by MackG View Post
Hello, I am a seasoned cosplayer who has run out of ideas on what to cosplay next.

I usually do a lot of Comicbook cosplay. Mostly characters from DC Comics. I've been wnating to delve more into Anime Cosplay. I love anime and been wanting to do some cosplay, but I haven't been able to pick a character.

Some Anime I love are:
Ranma 1/2
Angel Beats
Panty And Stocking
Card Captor Sakura
Black Butler
The World God Only Knows
Anything Ghibli

Some other things:
Avatar the Last Airbender
Game Of Thrones
Anything DC or Marvel
Anything Disney/Pixar

I am 5'1, and pretty average sized. I'd rather not crossplay. I am open to wearing wigs and contacts. I have a decent sized budget, but I can't do anything way too high tech. I would also like to stay away from anything that involves body paint.

I was gonna say "wow she would make an awesome Zatanna" from just your face... and then the rest of your picture loaded and I laughed at myself. xD
You could join the army of amazing Beast cosplayers like me!!
Also you would make a good Asami.
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