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At ALA while I was walking to Burger King, I saw Marc Perez's Mini Countryman parked in the front and I noticed the sides were stripped clean. This is the same car that he displayed at AX last year. The only thing that is left "itasha'd" were the hood and the rear. It probably is not a big deal, but I just find it odd. I thought he would keep his car like that.
Maybe he's trying not to make it too obvious that it's his car? He's not exactly too popular right now with the fans. (He may be popular with his own entourage of supporters, but it's a different story outside of his own entourage.)

I also find it interesting that Marc Perez would show up year after year at ALA, or at Anime Conji meetings in San Diego, but he didn't show up for AX in 2012.

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