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Originally Posted by Miyabi- View Post
Personally I really hate it when people say "Die in a fire".

I've had relatives that actually HAVE died in a fire and it's an absolutely horrible thing to go through.It's a painful way to die and there is literally nothing left of your loved one to bury but ashes.

Why would you wish such a horrible thing on another human being? Think before you say something like this.
I have to admit, when I was a little bit younger I was guilty of using this saying. =_=; I agree with you, it really is a terrible thing to say. Any sort of death wish to that effect really is horrible if you think about it.

On a similar note, posts that have the reaction picture: "This post gave me cancer" are really unsettling to me, even when the post it's responding to is stupid and facepalm-worthy. I have several friends/relatives/relatives of friends that have had cancer and/or lost a loved one to cancer. Thankfully, nobody very close to me has never had it, but I find the saying extremely distasteful regardless.

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