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Originally Posted by FluffyCoatIzaya View Post
is commissioning a wig for people always about cutting a stuff off the wig? or can it just be buying a base wig and a clip on pony tail and putting the clip on the wig and moving some hair? does that count? or no just curious.
Pretty much ANY wig you buy is going to need styling to fit the character. That's why they're called BASE wigs, that's a base, a starting point. That goes even if you're buying a specialty wig. Unless it states ON the site that it is pre-styled specifically, but even then I would be wary. But if you're commissioning someone to get the wig character perfect then yes they SHOULD be cutting off hair to fit that look more perfectly. Unless your character has a horrible overgrown bowl haircut with no definition and purposeful bangs that don't fit... YEAH OKAY you pretty much have to cut a wig to fit YOU to get it to look it's best. For me, I apparently have a really small head and a high forehead, but for some reason I end up cutting a lot more off the bangs than most do.
I wouldn't commission someone to 'move hair around'.
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