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Friday - I was Tulio from The Road to El Dorado and I was with a taller Miguel and we jumped into the pool around 1ish I believe. Changed into Castiel from Supernatural with some angel wings and was wandering around the Avengers meet with a lovely Pepper Potts. Closer to the evening I changed for theStarlight ball and I was the dapper gentleman in a maroon tailcoat with a lovely lady in a maroon civil war replica ballgown (we won prince and princess of the ball!)

Saturday - I was Ellis from Left4Dead2, I had a tall Keith with me as well as a small entourage of zombies that consisted of 2 common infected, 2 hunters, a witch and I ended up hanging with the Zoey as well. Around 3 or so I changed into WW2 France for the hetalia panel at 4:45pm and stayed in France cosplay for the rest of the night (though I used my dapper clothing from the ball for the 18+ panel).

Sunday - I was (i believe?) the only male France, starting in ww2 uniform but I gave the coat to my sister who was Seychelle cause she was cold. Was in the Hetalia panel in the morning and at the gathering on the patio after.
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