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How about Keima Katsuragi and Tenri Ayukawa (in their kid forms) from The World Only God
Knows, they have about the right hair for it

Keima and Tenri sorry I could not find any better pics but you might be able to here
Cosplays (Cons)
Sitha Claus (Holiday Matsuri 15)
Pokemon, Gold/Ethan (Shado 12, Metro 13)
Batman, Black Mask (Khaotic 14, Metro 14 & 15, Holiday Matsuri 15)
Soul Eater, Spirit/Death Scythe (Shado 12, Metro 13 & 14)
DC Comics,The Question (Metro 15, Holiday Matsuri 15)
Durarara, Shizuo (Metro 15)
Steins;Gate, Okabe (Metro 15)
Noragami, Daikoku (Metro 15)
Dr.McNinja, Dr.McNinja (Holiday Matsuri 15)
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