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I talked about this with my group and one thing we all agreed on would be to give artists the larger downstairs area and put the dealers in the smaller upstairs area (even if that means fewer dealers or smaller booths). None of us had much interest in the dealers hall, it seemed like pretty much the same subset of dealers from other larger cons, or past cons, perhaps some more unique/exclusive dealers would change that though. Some of us did spend a good amount of time in artists alley (commissions, etc.) The artists' alley room seemed kinda small, and their space was limited, a larger room could accommodate more artists given that artists alley fills up very quickly.

Also a swap meet like the one at PMX or Conji. We always find nice things there.

I can't really think of any complaints, just the suggestion above. It would be nice if it wasn't so crowded but it's not like they can make it any less popular than it already is.

I did like the free to use lights in the photo room, cosplay repair was helpful when I had to try to fix a diffuser/reflector, staff was always friendly, etc.

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