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Question Skyward Sword Zelda Wig help?

I desperately need some advice on styling my wig for my Zelda cosplay from Skyward Sword.

Here's what Zelda's hair looks like from all angles:

I bought a Le Tigre in Light Blonde from Arda wigs, and I'm very happy with the wig itself, but I'm practically tearing my own hair out trying to figure out how I'm supposed to attach these ribbons. I can't seem to wrap the ribbons around some hair without them just sliding off. ): Does anyone have any advice on this?

I'm also considering buying some short bangs from arda and some wefts to make both her bangs and dread locks look thicker. SS!Zelda has very full and thick hair, but I'm having trouble achieving that look. Would adding these clip on bangs from arda ( on top of the existing bangs I cut on, as well as adding wefts onto the dreads achieve a good look?

I'm new to styling wigs so I'm getting a little frustrated ): I'd appreciate any and all advice so much! Thanks for reading!
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