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Yet another roomshare!

Hi there~ I'm looking to fill my hotel room! I have five people so far, but the cost isn't quite down to what we can afford yet. I'm hoping to get, at the very least, two more people in the room. The only limit I have is no more than four more people. I've had this size room before and fit eight people comfortably.

We have a single king in the Residence Inn Marriott across the street from the Gaylord. It's booked from Thursday, February 14th, to Monday, the 18th. Myself and two others are driving to the con from Texas and will be arriving sometime Thursday evening.

We aren't really looking for any limits as far as who we want in the room. So far we are all girls, but guys are okay. No smokers, though. As long as you can keep your things organized and not come back to the room at ungodly hours of the night, you're good! xD

Please PM me if you're interested! I'm not looking to drop this room to join another, but if you and a couple friends are looking for roomies, we're glad to help!
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