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Magi The Labyrinth of Magic Gathering 2013

Hello hello hello! When I saw all the Magi cosplayers in an impromptu gathering at ALA this year, that got me thinking up of an idea to hold a Magi gathering at AX 2013! So whether you are from Sindria, Kou Empire or even Al Sarmen, you are welcome to join!

There is also a FB event page for this gathering so you are welcome to check it out!

Time: 1:00 pm
Day: Day 1
Location:Site 8 (Outside South Hall)

monster_tree, Eerie Butterfly, EnvyIsMySin, rinnyai (Morgiana)
darkchappy (Aladdin)
mochicakes, shoolpyme, deidei, monster_tree's friend (Alibaba)

Sindria Empire
Higpi, Lil-O-Me (fem-Sinbad version), Athel* (Sinbad)
dragunov23, akatsukinaru9 & LarxeneXII's friend, Higpi's best friend, RenRentheGreat [SnB version] (Jafar)
sjxkhr (Pisti)
krisokami (Hinahoho)
LarxeneXII (Sinbad)
akatsukinaru9 & LarxeneXII's friend, monster_tree's friend (Sharrkan)
mategi (Yamuraiha)

Kou Empire
akatsukinaru9, akatsukinaru9 & LarxeneXII's friend, Wolf Girl (Judal)
tsunayooshi (Ren Kougyoku)
monster_tree's friend (Ren Hakuryuu)
BKitten (Ren Kouen)
operagirl808 (Ren Gyokuen)

Laem Empire
animeangl (Scheherazade)

Magnoshutatt Academy

Al Sarmen


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