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Ax2013 Homestuck Gathering

Okay so Im going to post this up and see how far I can go with this. I would also love to have Helpers to control this gathering.

I have the idea to have this gathering outside like last year. ((Date and time may change))
Time: Start at 3- trying around 5
Date: July 5, 2013
Location: Stairs outside of West Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center.
If you are unable to attend this gathering Do not worry Scratchman Has told me he is having a gathering as well, His will be Saturday, July 6, 2013 At 4pm.
I would love everyone to be easy with me for i have not controlled a big gathering like this before.
Thank you so here I will post up your cosplays down below. Thank you once again.

Resident-chick (also filming the gathering)
The Scratchman

Cosplayers list:

Beta Kids:
Aciano: John Egbert
ThatFreakyNerd: Fem!Trickster John Egbert?
Pandagilbirds: Fem!Trickster John Egbert
Hachiko27 - Rose Lalonde
Pandagilbirds: Fem!Dave Strider or Fem!Trickster!John
Lenaleeku's Friend: Military!Stuck Dave Strider
PotatoBaron: God Tier Dave Strider
PotatoBaron's friend: Fem!Plush Puppet Tux Dave Strider
Aciano's Friend: Jade Harley
Jude Harley: SoldierStuck! Jade Harley
Resident-chick: Jade Harley (Dead Shuffle)

Post-Scratch Trolls:
CrepusculeCraft: ALIVE!Aradia Megido
ThEctobiologist: Tavros Nitram
AMCosplay's friend: TRICKSTER! Fem! Tavros Nitram
lenaleeku's friend: Military!Stuck Karkat Vantas
SycoTik: Karkat Vantas
Lenaleeku's Sis: Military!Stuck Nepeta Lejion
UndeadAnimagus: GodTier Nepeta Lejion
Luna12 : Terezi Pyrope
ThatFreakyNerd: Terezi Pyrope?
Lenaleeku: Military!Stuck Terezi Pyrope
AMCosplay: TRICKSTER!God tier Vriska Serket
Shadowbuster44: Gamzee Makara
KingOfEarth: Colorstuck Gamzee Makara
KingOfEarth friends: Colorstuck (Sollux) + other beta trolls?
adriannrod: Feferi Peixes
Himecartoonist: Feferi Peixes
Miwafwakes' group: DynastySTUCK! Feferi Peixes, Vriska Serket, Terezi Pyrope, Kanaya Maryam, Eridan Ampora, Aradia Megido, and Sollux Captor

Alpha Kids:
DisturbedMafia's Friend: Jane Crocker ( Any version)
KitsunOfTheSand: Fem! Jake English
English Booty: Trickster Jake English
Cruxice: Roxy Lalonde
YuzukiYukari: FancyDreamer! Roxy Lalonde
DisturbedMafia: Dirk Strider ( Trickster or Original)

Pre-Scratch Trolls:
SyrenAbyssi: Mituna Captor
SyrenAbyssi's Friend: Horuss Zahhak

Cadetheidi: Dolorosa

Midnight Crew:


The Scratchman: Doc Scratch, Lord English, or E%ecutor Darkleer.
SyrenAbyssi's Friend: Lil CAL

Beta Kids ( John , Dave, Jade, Rose)

Alpha Kids ( Jane, Roxy, Jake, Dirk)

Post-Scratch Trolls:
Low Blood Trolls ( Karkat, Aradia, Tavros, Sollux)

Middle Blood Trolls ( Nepeta, Kanaya, Terezi, Vriska)

High Blood Trolls ( Equius, Gamzee, Eridan, Feferi)

Pre-Scratch Trolls:
Low Blood Trolls ( Kankri, Damara, Rufioh, Mituna)

Middle Blood Trolls ( Meulin, Porrim, Latula, Aranea)

High Blood Trolls ( Horuss, Kurloz, Cronus, Meenah)

Felt and Midnight Crew : includes ( Doc Scratch, Lord English, Itchy, Doze, Trace, Clover, Fin, Die, Crowbar, Snowman, Stitch, Sawbuck, Matchsticks, Eggs, Biscuit, Quarters, Cans, Spades Slick, Hearts Boxcars, Diamonds Droog, Clubs Deuce)

Ancestors( The Signless/Sufferer, The Handmaid, The Summoner, The Ψiioniic/Helmsman, The Disciple, The Dolorosa, Neophyte Redglare, Marquise Spinneret Mindfang, E%ecutor Darkleer/Expatri8, Grand Highblood, Orphaner Dualscar, Her Imperious Condescension/Condesce/Baroness)

Sprites: (Davesprite, Jaspersprite, Jadesprite, Nannasprite, Erisolsprite, Fefetasprite, Tavrisprite, ARquiusprite)

Guardians: ( Mom, Dad, Bro, Grandpa, Nanna, Bec, Godcat, Crab dad, Ram mom, Gl'bgolyb, Seahorse dad, Sea Goat dad, Aurthour, Tinkerbull , Biclops dad, Pounce De leon, Mother grub, Dragon mom, Spider mom)

Others ( anything else not listed.)
-God Tiers
(( open to request!!!))
Anime Expo 2013
Tavros Nitram- Robolegs/Wheelchair (HOMESTUCK) DONE
4 Cords!Tavros Nitram- (HOMESTUCK) DONE

Disciple- Ancestor (HOMESTUCK) 90%
Intricacy!Stuck Eridan Ampora- Human (HOMESTUCK) DONE
Mituna Captor- Bumble Bee (HOMESTUCK) DONE

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