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If I go, who do you think should come with?

I may be coming back to Florida for MegaCon this year as my birthday present from my mom because she knows how much I love MegaCon. Problem is I dunno who I should bring to cosplay as?

My options are...
The Witch - Left 4 Dead. She was a hit last year even though I didn't have the wig (still don't) and I'm not exactly skinny.
Soul Evans - Soul Eater. He was also a bit of a hit, but not so much as my Witchy.
Miku Hatsune - VOCALOID. Her default costume doesn't fit me that well anymore, but I could do either her Saihate or Rolling Girl versions. Maybe Matryoshka, but it wouldn't be the right jacket for her.
I could try making either my Rin Kagamine (VOCALOID) or Len Kagamine (VOCALOID) cosplays if I get the wig for my birthday. (I'm going to use one wig for them, lol.)
I was thinking of doing a BOTDF version of Miku (or maybe another character) cause I used her wig when I was testing out make up for my Dahvie cosplay (which I do not currently have or probably can get in time) and I kinda looked cute. :3 Check out my Facebook Page (link in my signature) for a picture of it; it's the profile picture, lol.
I could try making my Hunter (Left 4 Dead) cosplay in time for the con and see if he's be a big of a hit as the Witch.

That's all the options that are possible for this con really, lol. Help me choose? I appreciate any replies!
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