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Re. baby stuff: my friends have started having kids over the past few years, and so far each family has gotten a fleece blanket and each of the kids has gotten a little plush Luma. Reports from the parents are that all the kids love the stars, and that the blankets are great since they're warm enough to wrap up the babies if they're just going out to the car or whatever and don't want to have the whole winter get-up thing. Gifts for infants/toddlers don't have to be useless/decorative/expensive.

However, just the idea of having a "gender reveal" party makes me a little uncomfortable as a person who tries to actively avoid forcing people into traditional gender roles. It seems like making such a big deal about the sex of your baby is like making sure that everyone knows their future baby gifts are gender-appropriate. (just my personal peeve here - I know I'm in the minority in the western world as a whole)

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And then Sakura was my favorite. After FlutterMai. STILL THE BEST Y'ALL!

Back from MAGfest, which was pretty dope. Very much about the videya and the socializing, I chatted up some nerds, played some games, caught a few concerts, did some light drinking, watch the Texans and Packers games....good times overall.
Dude, totaly faved right back.

Had several friends at MAGfest this year - from the looks of their tweets it was a prety good time for everyone. Might be one I'll try out at some point.
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