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Originally Posted by Arc_The_Lad View Post
Me: Oh man, they are making a Solomon Grundy movie?!

*checks it*

Me: oh...the nursery rhyme...not the DC villain...
Not that I'm judging them (for a change), but I wonder what the percentage of people who know Solomon Grundy only from that old Cartoon Network ad. You know, the "Solomon Grundy want pants too!" one.

Still funny to me btw.

Originally Posted by MaiSheri View Post
However, just the idea of having a "gender reveal" party makes me a little uncomfortable as a person who tries to actively avoid forcing people into traditional gender roles. It seems like making such a big deal about the sex of your baby is like making sure that everyone knows their future baby gifts are gender-appropriate. (just my personal peeve here - I know I'm in the minority in the western world as a whole)

Dude, totaly faved right back.

Had several friends at MAGfest this year - from the looks of their tweets it was a prety good time for everyone. Might be one I'll try out at some point.
2nding the having a gender reveal party being odd. Unless it's a "YO, LET'S USE THE REVEALING OF THE SEX OF OUR CHILD TO GET SOME KICK ASS BRUNCH, NO GIFTS NEEDED, AND WE'RE TOTES PAYING" type of thing. Can't hate on that. Won't even.

I will never get tired of Flutter-yay. That whole bits makes for a happy Chris.

MAGfest is neat, but PAX East will spoil you in comparsion. MagFEST, I was only able to stomach for a weekend, all 4 days is an expensive overkill. PAX East however, is glorious/the best/ ever-so-much-fun. What's that? We're 2 months short of March. Yes, good, this pleases me.
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