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Originally Posted by MaiSheri View Post
However, just the idea of having a "gender reveal" party makes me a little uncomfortable as a person who tries to actively avoid forcing people into traditional gender roles. It seems like making such a big deal about the sex of your baby is like making sure that everyone knows their future baby gifts are gender-appropriate. (just my personal peeve here - I know I'm in the minority in the western world as a whole).
When I was having kids, when we found out the gender we just told the people we thought would care. It's not our style to make a big deal out of things. But I also hate showers and refused to have one. We did have brunch with three other couples we were friends with and they insisted on giving us gifts.

I'm in total agreement with you about gender specific things for babies and toddlers. And I think that it's gotten a lot worse. When I had babies, I really didn't have any trouble finding neutral clothes. My daughter wore a lot of her older brother's hand-me-downs. But whenever I've looked for clothes for LD EVERYTHING has been pink ponies or blue trucks. :\
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