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I've never really been particularly fond of the 'Anonymous' group kinda thing but every so often a faction of them makes me nod in silent approval.

A small town in Ohio has been trying to cover up a violent sexual assault; various 'stars' from the town football team have been calling themselves the 'rape crew' and took videos and pictures of themselves drugging, kidnapping, and raping a teenage girl at a party. The cover up goes all the way up to prosecuting attorney, who's son plays on the team. Two of the apparent 5 attackers have been arrested, the other three are seemingly being protected by the town law enforcement.

A grouping of 'anonymous' has compiled the enormous chunks of evidence, including a video confession and mocking of the victim by one of the attackers, hacked into the school website and the webmaster's email where they found nude photographs of possible child pornography. One photograph strongly resembles a girl who had been raped under similar circumstances out in Louisville. Apparently various findings in the webmasters email, who is a football booster fan (basically someone who donates large sums to the football team), suggest that he may be sending out the self-proclaimed 'rape crew' football members to different parties so they can later send him pictures of the girls they victimize.

On one hand I really have an inherent dislike for people who want to be some kind of 'Dark Knight', jumping from roof top to roof top and punching bad guys in the face. But at the same time these particular individuals are exposing a serious problem and could be connecting these individuals to possible multiple rapes that otherwise would go ignored. Sometimes the internet can be a pretty nifty place I suppose.
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