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Tsubomii, that really sucks that you had a bad time. ALA is normally one of my favorite cons I go to. But this time ALA was way different than any other year, and I feel the changes were a bad thing.

One of my favorite reasons for going to ALA for the past 4 years now, is how open and welcoming the con is. You don't need a badge to enjoy most of the con (except the dealers hall and artist alley mostly). So I just come to ALA to cosplay, see friends, and I don't get a badge cause I don't really go into the places that need them. My friend came as the Nemo mermaid in the pool on Saturday, and we found out on our drive up there that you needed a badge to get onto the pool deck. We finally got there and the whole place had "Badge Area Only" signs all over the place, and badge checkers. And this was not why I go to ALA.

We were able to get down to the pool area eventually, but we were trapped there because of all the badge checkers, we were afraid of not being able to get back to the pool deck were our stuff was. I did hear it was because the con was getting to big for the hotel, and by having all the badge check areas it was to deter people who come and don't get a badge from staying. Which I would be very sad if they crack down even more next year.
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