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Originally Posted by fullbleed View Post
Still feeling ill after looking at this, click at your own risk.

Sad thing is I've actually eaten at that KFC before...
Aren't wrinkles in the brain indicative of overall higher intelligence as a species? So if it were a chicken brain it probably would be much smoother.

I mean, I would be pretty grossed out no matter what organ was in my meat. KFC does not have a great track record with processing of their animals, hygiene, anything else... I really would rather not go there, except there's no other fast food fried chicken nearby. And I'm sorry, there are times I just really need some fried chicken in a hurry.

Originally Posted by TheAnarCHris View Post
Can we get a brunch discussion going? I'm all about brunch, as it usually combines my favorite things into one glorious feels.
I don't know that I've ever actually gone to a real brunch. I feel my life is lacking in that regard.

Originally Posted by MaiSheri View Post
However, just the idea of having a "gender reveal" party makes me a little uncomfortable as a person who tries to actively avoid forcing people into traditional gender roles. It seems like making such a big deal about the sex of your baby is like making sure that everyone knows their future baby gifts are gender-appropriate. (just my personal peeve here - I know I'm in the minority in the western world as a whole)
While I wasn't shy about telling people I was going to have a boy, I got a lot of "ohhh, how WONDERFUL, boys are WONDERFUL, he's going to be your little PRINCE" and I honestly wanted to throw up right in their faces. Like, if I'd been having a girl, would that have made a difference? They probably would've said the same shit but, if it really doesn't matter, a) don't ask b) if you have to ask because you're trying to make polite conversation, just say "great" and move on.

Thankfully I didn't get too many overtly boy-centric gifts (in part because I kept the registry as neutral as I could), but some people went off-registry anyway.

Originally Posted by The Hag View Post
I'm in total agreement with you about gender specific things for babies and toddlers. And I think that it's gotten a lot worse. When I had babies, I really didn't have any trouble finding neutral clothes. My daughter wore a lot of her older brother's hand-me-downs. But whenever I've looked for clothes for LD EVERYTHING has been pink ponies or blue trucks. :\
There seemed to be a lot more in the way of, like, dressing kids in turtlenecks and overalls and sort of interchangeable stuff when I was little. I don't even remember what the kids I babysat wore. Now, as parents (read: moms) feel compelled to dress their children in "fashionable" clothing, it seems to be more strongly gendered. They keep some yellow and green shit around for babies in case parents don't announce the gender ahead of time or opt to be surprised, but once they're a year old you are SOL.

So I tend to buy a lot of black and gray and skulls or monsters or guitars, basically the same things I'd put a girl in.
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