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Originally Posted by vgc View Post
I'm going to have to disagree with you there. Conventions, especially small ones, needs to make those badge sales. I have seen small "welcoming" conventions die after a couple of years because of people showing up without buying a badge. Conventions need to make money and it kind of boggles my mind that you're complaining about this when you and your friends have not contributed to ALA by buying a badge.
I understand that cons need to make money with badge sales. But if you look at any big con, they still have tons of people that show up to them without buying a badge, just to cosplay. Enjoy the atmosphere of a con, and see friends. And ALA had a hotel that had a great place for cosplays to come and show off there cosplays against great backgrounds. And yes cons do need to make money. but one con I go to is AM2, which is a FREE con. This will be it's 3rd year, and the first time it is charging for the con. But you can still show up to the convention center, enjoy the atmosphere and show off your cosplays.

And don't believe that I never pay for badges. The first 2 out of 4 years at ALA I have, and every other con I go to I do buy a badge. And I go to a few cons each year.
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